Tom Oliver, award-winning, renowned cider maker of Oliver’s Cider & Perry, 11-2020

Excellent cider. Great use of keeving and bottle fermentation techniques to produce a sparkling, fruity apple cider that with the use of apples grown locally in the north of Scotland, many in old walled gardens of great houses, the cider is imbued with real character and depth. A pleasure to drink and pairs well with the local lightly smoked salmon.

Ben, professional saxophone player, 10-2020

This seidear packs a lot of flavour, initially crisp and dry layers of flavour unfold on the pallete. It is not too sweet and not too dry but strikes a balance which makes it dangerously drinkable and satisfying. And yes i did drink both bottles last night, it was rather moreish.

John, wine merchant, 09-2020

I have tried it. I really liked it. For me it retains the freshness of the apples, whilst still definitely being cider. I am definitely no cider expert, and normally I associate cider with tasting of apples that have oxidized. I didn’t get this here, In fact I would say the parallels with good sparkling wine are much closer (not just because it is made “champagne method”). Another factor in its favour is that it is relatively low in alcohol (7.2%) so really nice as a wine alternative (I had it with a salad made with some honey roasted vegetables and a lightish dressing).

Yoga, expat enjoying local life, 01-2021

Don’t need champagne. Soft, fine on the palate . Sophisticated bubbly. Cider like no other. Hans says very good. Frans ” top shelf “. Michiel really good , best cider he’s ever had. We love it ❤

Nick, 10-2020

We shared the cider with a meal last night. Mixed response. None of us are cider drinkers but delighted to sample the offering! 2 of us loved it, 2 were less enthusiastic. My own thoughts are it is light, not too sweet and not overpowered by apples. Enjoyed it very much. Its bottle and source of apples add to the appeal. An ideal gift.

Chris Bath, 12-2020

This is a really delicious drink, it’s the best I have tasted. I need to buy more for Christmas.

Christian, inventor of seidear, 08-2020

When you open and pour seidear it sounds and looks like Champagne, with a dominating pop, a mysterious misty cloud surrounding the well behaved bottle showing off very fine bubbles. The first flavour note is similar to Champagne, but then the Scottish apples take me by surprise – out of nowhere, with their deep and fruity aromas. We have created a new drink!