Scottish cider makers

While most cideries in the UK are located in the south, there are a few great producers in Scotland. Here are some:

  • Ryan at Caldonian Cider makes some brilliant ciders and is located even further north from us. Ryan is a freedom fighter for FULL JUICE freshly pressed ciders.
  • David Nicol has a wealth of knowledge about orchards and produces a true farmhouse cider just down the road in Mayfield Cottage in Stonehaven
  • Steilhead Cider produces juices, cider and cider vinegar.
  • Cairn ‘o Mohjr offers a huge variety of fruit ciders and country wines.
  • Novarcider is one of the bigger players in Scotland with 3000 trees.
  • Lost Orchards has the mission to bring orchards back to Scotland.
  • The Blackford Distillery has recently planted an orchard, and we are looking forward to trying their ciders soon.
  • The wee Scottish Cider Company was the first to produce cider made using the Champagne Method in Scotland. You can get the experience here].