drink from a tree

Life is personal – cider should be the same!

Because we work in small batches we can ferment the juice from your very own tree for you. You will carry home your own personal cider from your own tree. This will take a few months of course.

We can see two options for You:

  • If you have a family apple tree, a fiancĂ© and a year time we can create the most amazing, personalized Champagne style cider for you for your very special wedding. You can drink it under the very tree it came from. It will have your own label of any shape and a personalized cork with your names on it, or the list of your guests, a recipe from your father in law, your favourite poem, or your prenuptial agreement…
  • If you don’t have an apple tree and want to get married in a week go to Las Vegas.
Always read the fine print…

Please contact us to discuss any details you wish. We are excited to create anything that is on your mind.