Lathallan 2022

Lathallan School Children Harvest Apples and Create Cider with Christian from the Wee Scottish Cider Company!

The Orchard: A Treasure Trove of Apples:
Nestled within the beautiful Brotherton Castle grounds of Lathallan School lies a hidden gem – the school orchard. Bursting with an array of apple trees, this vibrant orchard has become a sanctuary for both nature enthusiasts and curious students alike, eagerly awaiting the time of year when they can harvest their bountiful fruits.

The Harvesting Begins:
With the arrival of autumn, the apple trees at Lathallan School are adorned with plump, ripe fruits, ready to be collected. Armed with excitement and brimming with camaraderie, the children, donn their outdoor wear and carry baskets, to embark on apple-picking during their breaktimes.

Connecting with Christian:

Since 2020, our Nursery and Junior School pupils have been learning how to make homemade apple juice, using fresh fruit grown in the school grounds. Dr Christian Stolte from Seidear, The Wee Scottish Cider Company, has been teaching our children how to press apples and shared interesting facts about where apples originate from.

We later began discussing the potential of transforming the freshly picked apples into delicious champagne method sparkling cider and Christian generously shared his expertise and the facility that he has set up near Maryculter.

Using the same method that is used to make Champagne, Christian’s small-batch cider is to be enjoyed like a fine wine and unlike many big firms, Christian does not dilute his cider with water and instead only uses freshly pressed apple juice.

The Fruits of their Labour:
The first batch of ‘Lathapple’ sparkling cider was ready in 2022 and the second batch will be released in September 2023.

These beautiful apples were collected by the pupils and made into cider.